no_image_available_charactersBam Ukel  (bam | ew-kell) is a clothing and hair designer employed by the Hizrutaki fashion house, in Utama. Not only the creditary-heir of Line Ukel, she owns the Skyline Residences real-estate in Toxis, Vanda Prime, and Utama, and is the youngest member to serve on the board of the Ramaxian Historical Committee.

Ukel was born of Prime Citizen contestant Riga Tat, for Hizak Iba Ukel, one-time Prime Chair of Ukel Systems, and Divisional Komadon, Bam Yuxi. Before Bam’s birth, Iba and Bam Yuxi’s bond-partner (and birther Riga’s sibling) Fee Tat, was killed in Igitat Tragedy. When just eight years old, Bam’s maker Iba succumbed to an orbital-socket infection, during trials to engineer a cure for hizaxikogatix. After the death of her mako, Bam was taken in by her Ninth-Gen elder, Hizak Eppis Ukel, owner of Ukel Systems, and her bond partners, Zaxiri Ilo Ikat, Kil Dox, and Iba Fatu. After caste training in Pikalit, Ukel went on to graduate with honors from the Mynu Academy of Art and Design, earned Secondary Degree in Business Administration, and earned a vocational degree in Hair and Hide Care. After acquiring a Prime Degree in Fashion Design, from the Vanda College of Attire, Bam began her career at the Hizrutaki.

Bam Ukel is a scheduled citizen of the Eleventh Ramaxian Gen, design Bizak, born in 2210. She is the only donation of the deceased Tenth-Gen Hizak, Iba Ukel, and Tenth-Gen Promad, Bam Yuxi.

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