Eppis Banto (ep-iss | ban-toh), Citizenry-Representative of Vanda Prime and Prime-Administrator of the Citizenry Chamber, is a founding member of the League of Ramaxian Architects, Secondary Chair of the Vanda Center of Ramaxian Arts and Sciences, and Prime Advocate of the Ramaxi Museum District.

Eppis Banto is a scheduled citizen of the Tenth Ramaxian Gen, design Hizak, born in 2185. Banto is the only donation of Committee Member the Fourth Tee Banto, and her deceased bond-partner, Ninth-Gen Subak, Debo Tol (of House Tol). In 2208, Banto bonded to Tenth Gen Hizak, Ibur Grik, of Clan Grik, Tenth Gen Zaxir, Acari Tol, (of Line Tol), and Subak citizen Ozbi Tis. Acari Tol is the birther of Banto’s two Eleventh Gen donations, administrative specialist Obiz Banto (Hizak), and sanitation engineer Fezil Banto (Bizak).

Eppis Banto graduated with honors from Mynu in 2200, with doctorates in Governance and Political Science; Banto also earned a master’s degree in Conceptual Art and Residential Design. In 2212, her first year in office as Citizenry Representative of Greater Vanda, Banto petitioned the Sernatae for the allowance of separation of dome credit, from the Third Office of the Committee’s Citizenry Finance Bureau. Banto’s successful bid allowed Representatives the financial freedom to run their cities, without Committee oversight. After transitioning to CR of Vanda Prime in 2223, Banto implemented the Femarctic Cultural Fund, forcing Ramaxia’s largest corporations to give a set percentage of their annual profits, to support the construction of museums, galleries, educational spaces, and historical centers, in their cities of incorporation. In 2225, Banto was elected by members of the multi-generational Chamber to serve as administrative leader, and represent the Chamber to the Citizenry Media.