Final Edits!

Nearing the finish line on this episode.


So my manuscript for Episode 12 is back from the editor and I love opening it in my Kindle and finding mistakes on the very first page.

  • PINK means – delete
  • BLUE means – fix tense or conjugation
  • YELLOW – rewrite this shit
  • ORANGE – period – make 2 sentences

It’s going to be a long day.

Writing Notes – Femitokon

Last month I officially ran out of completed manuscripts. That’s right, I’ve been writing free-form this month, and so far, it’s going smooth.

If you notice a decline in my prose, please know that like Suffocation, the work will eventually get uber-edited to clean up the clunky bits. For now, first-run episodes will be polished to the best of ability in the time allotted.

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