Kindle & ePub Fixes

I want to thank those of you that contacted me about the formatting errors at Amazon and Smashwords. I downloaded and vetted both their versions and made the appropriate fixes on my base doc files for Smash, and my base Mobi files for Amazon. Give both those sites about 24 hours to parse the new editions.

The AZW files are fine but I did notice that Smashwords continues to ignore formatting on my chapter-headers. :/ Those are the only errors I could find after adjustments – compared to the weirdness of the original ePub file, it’s an error I can live with.

FWIW, None of the ePub or AZW files downloaded directly via this site or Patreon had any issues that I know of. Just saying.

Also – check out my new logo – it’s a sign of things to come because after Femitokon is finished, my next saga is about Amazons.



Ain’t it coot?

Series Changes & Updates

I hope my fellow heebs are enjoying their lights-fez, I know I am.

After a fresh pair of eyes reviewed the second draft of episode 12 (and checked out eps 13 and 14) some changes were recommended. 😦 I agreed with many of the suggestions and here’s what we have:

  • The new title for the next arc is ‘Rakan‘ (Subversive Helovxis is no more for a variety of reasons).
  • There’s also been a slew of structural changes that will take me longer than four weeks. Since no one is reading these days, I’ll be shooting for a Jan/Feb release date with a solid goal for the end of January for Episode 12.

I’m going to clean up the Tactical Pursuits/Internal Vision arc for one collected release.