Ramaxia Primada: Base Thirteen

no_image_available_3Ramaxia Primada or Base #13 is an underwater embassy constructed on the promontory of the Yulixapuk (Bentley Ridge). Base #13 serves as chancery and diplomatic residence to helovx ambassadors, and representatives of helovx  companies doing business with Ramaxia. Ramaxia Primada houses over a fifty permanent to semi-permanent Hizaki, Bizaki, and Marixi citizens, and a minimal population of Subaki and Zaxiri.

The exposed surface level contains a transport dock, and a public park. It houses nine corporate meeting centers, five consulate offices, and a diplomatic administration center. A short-term residence quarter exists on the surface for helovx unable to remain submerged for extended periods of time.

Beneath the water, the primary structure contains a habitat disk. Three restaurants and various kiosk carts specialize in helovx food. There are four foodapaxo, two style houses, a gaztenx, a square garden, and a sizable credoopaxi. Additional social amenities include one bluzsh, a micro garden club, a digicax hall, three recreational taprooms, and one gathering park with a pool. The spine of the base houses the apartments of those helovx assigned to the Base. An additional habitat disk contains a medical center, Femarctic housing, and an aquatic biology care center.

Base #13’s Prime is Ambassador Primada of Ramaxia, Tenth-Gen Hizak, Pitana Dag.

Unlike a helovx Embassy, representatives do not enjoy full extraterritorial status. While Base #13 remains under the operative jurisdiction of Surface Operational, it is governed administratively by the Office of Helovx Advocacy. Diplomats, consuls, and trade representatives do not retain diplomatic immunity from Ramaxian law, and Femarctic custodians may access all assigned premises, at any time, without permission of the represented country, or corporation.

Nations with ambassadors stationed at Base 13 are:

  • Jungwa | Ambassador Sorkhaq Tani
  • North American Union | Ambassador Deborah Chase
  • The Euro-Egyptian Alliance | Ingrid al-Hasat
  • Aotearoa | Ambassador Anna Runga
  • Brasilia | Ambassador Paola Ithengui