The Ornithocheirus

The Ornithocheirus (or-neth-oh-k-eye-russ) are a series of biomechanical pteranodontoids that serve as highly maneuverable and heavily armed, flight vessels. Ornith’s are capable of submersible function, and are equipped with weapons, and the ability to operate without a pilot. There are only six Ornithocheirus in existence, and they are used exclusively by Surface Operational and the Sorority of Defense.


The Ornithocheirus series was designed by Sixth-Gen Hizak Kadol Polvix, of Pentulax Constructs. Their cellular biology was cultivated from the preserved remains of an Ornithocheirid, found on the bay floor in Greenland. Trapped in an ice-sheet that had melted over the course of the 22nd century, the remains of the lone beast were brought back by Second Ramaxian Gen engineers, during the construction of a sluice-extension at Greenland Hydrothermal. Once it’s cerebral-core was designed, a cloned life-form was grown at Orta Biologic, and fitted with a bio- tharspin hull from Pentulax Constructs. After fusion of its organic neural base and bio-tharspin body, it developed a photovoltaic ‘fluid-tharspin’ coat, allowing its metallic skin to appear seamless, as if living.

The Ornithocheirus is the only life-form not telepathically connected to the Collective. Trained as an operative of Orta, it is compelled to sync all experiences and mission logs with hive Pentox, every 22 hours. Ornith’s are designed to house two Femmar, up to five years between the poles (there are two hibernation units, a sanitation unit, and private storage); it can also serve as short and long range transport, for up to five Femmar.


  • Kyrsbrain-Psio Interface (KPI)
    -for delayed sync connection to hive Pentox.

    • Capable of first-look, first-shoot, first-kill capability.
      • Air-to-air and air-to-ground modes
      • Ground moving target track
      • Sea surface search/track
      • Enhanced high-resolution terrain mapping.
    • Oxgol Bio-Array Sonar/Radar
      • Rapid change frequency beam
      • Detection avoidance
        • Holographic clone countermeasure
    • Interphase-shielding
      • Capable of a solidification density of twelve feet.


  • 2 Kyrsat-Cannons that discharge kyrsat energy in the form of a beam with maximum ranges of 8 aerial miles and 12 nautical miles, and an impact power of 24 kilotons.
  • 2 Plasma-Blasters with matter-disruption output ratings of 5.7 megajoules
  • MagIO Cluster (12), roaming radius – 300 miles.

Divisional Support

  • On board armory contains:
    • 4 Palm-Blaster Units
    • 2 Collapsible-Body-Armor Pills
    • 2 Plasma-Rifles
    • 2 Field Surgical Kits
    • 2 Hibernation Units

Fleet Medical Interface

  • Portable medical bay with remote connection capability to Mainland-Terminus
    • Two manual-surgical units.

  • Ornithocheirus One
    • Call Sign: KULITAX
    • Axyrn Division
      • Podkomad Pik Vakadul (9th Gen)
  • Ornithocheirus Two
    • Call Sign: CATUBAX
      • Surface Operational AWI
    • Komad Wix Uzee (10th Gen)
  • Ornithocheirus Three
    • Call Sign: THOKAI
      • Terminal Sabotage Division
    • Dokomad Styba Balru (11th Gen)
  • Ornithocheirus Four
    • Call Sign: AKADAX
      • Surface Operational – Northern Polar
    • Bakikom Vaniav Gwo (10th Gen)
  • Ornithocheirus Five
    • Call Sign: ORNY
      • Femitokon Division
    • Komad Sofita Kul (10th Gen)
  • Ornithocheirus Six
    • Call Sign: SESTRA
      • Surface Operational: OHA
    • Bakidon Tirgo Su (11th Gen)