The Femitokon Shell: History

The Shell’s origins began in 2160, when Sixth-Gen Geneticist, Opix Uym (Committee Member – Sixth Ruling Gen) created a behavioral schematic, based on the neural energy isolated in the Femarctic-brain. Uym identified the brain’s consciousness (r. operative energy | h. soul) while designing a neural-energy interface device that would known as a Retraining Node (also known as a male-merge stone). Uym implanted her intricately crafted soul-camouflage into cyberorganic retaining-nodes given to males unable to adhere to their caste-designations.

Tested in the meditation therapy on males suffering from Caste-Designation Disorder, the first form of Uym’s soul-camouflage caused male test subjects to fall into inoperative comas. Uym discovered that when her constructed operative energy met resistance from the natural operative-energy of her male test subjects, it eradicated the operative-energy of her test subjects.

In 2168, Uym reconfigured her operative-energy to enhance and alter any existing operative energy, rather than eradicate it. Its task would be to merge with the hosts anatomical-energy first, and over time fall under the control of its hosts brain, the seat of the hosts operative-energy. Uym implanted her constructed-energy into the nodes of twenty males; eighteen of the males died, and two survived. The two survivors lasted a week, before exhibiting extreme psychosis. One of them was able to overpower his Marixi custodian, and once on the surface, got as far as the northern coast, before being terminated.

After many years of failure, Uym shelved the project in the 2180’s as contentious politics dominated her role on the Ruling Gen. Opix Uym died in a transport accident, in 2184.


In 2205, Fyla Uym (genetically descended from Opix Uym), revived the energy-construct project as a potential armor for the Primary. Uym cited that the operative energy designed by her elder Opix enhanced the physical and emotional state of its host, and overcompensated physical enhancements, to ensure its survival. Doctor Uym found that the last Opix Uym’s final subjects in 2168 hadn’t been physically strong enough to house the energy-construct, and thus made anatomical adjustments that caused chemical imbalance, and altered their cerebral physiology.

Doctor Uym surmised that the nodes themselves had to be part of the hosts anatomy to halt it from trying to enhance its hosts natural biology. Doctor Uym created a trio of spheres similar to the nodes created by her elder, Opix. Unlike the originals, these spheres were comprised partly of male brain tissue, giving the energy-construct, now called the Shell, an anatomical base. The spheres tharspin parts were cybernetic transmitters, enabling psionic control and connection to the Collective.

In 2207, Uym successfully transitioned her energy-construct (Shell Energy) to the spheres, and later that year, Primary Fusa Kul had the energy-loaded spheres implanted into her body. The Shell’s potential remained unrealized when, after a painful recovery from surgery, Fusa Kul’s body physically rejected the spheres.

Noticing the Shell’s unique connection to Femarctic-Males, Fifth Office, Doctor Wox Dag, commandeered the program, in 2208. After the implementation of the Balanced Citizenry Act, Dag ordered Uym to configure the Shell to serve as not only phasic armor but as a detector of males. Sphere-implantation trials started with a group of Tenth-Gen Marixi subjects from Terminal Sabotage; and this time Uym removed the energy from the spheres, before implantation. Uym believed that having the Shell in the spheres at the time of implantation, had led to Primary Kul’s nervous system to reject them.

In 2209, the last of Project Femitokon’s test subjects, Fusada Kul, a donation of the Primary, became the only subject whose anatomy didn’t reject the spheres. After many unsuccessful attempts to inject the Shell back into the spheres (by way of Kul’s anatomy), the Shell finally crossed through in 2211. It was ignited briefly by Fusada Kul, before going dormant. Tests began anew to determine why Fusada Kul couldn’t maintain the Shell after ignition. Fusada Kul was found dead in her paxicol in 2212, and the spheres were removed Kul’s body, and put back into kyrs-stasis.


The Femitokon Division remained despite the Femitokon Project that saw its formation, going dormant. The Shell project saw a revival in 2213 when former scholar Sofita Kul (and twin Hizak sibling of Fusada Kul) approached Doctor Fyla Uym with a viable theory on why the Shell had failed beyond implantation. Kul suggested that the energy, once out of the spheres, encountered histoincompatibility with its host. Uym suspected Kul’s theory had merit and presented it to CM Dag citing that the DNA of a male-sired host (a freeborn femmar) might be key in sustaining the Shell. Uym was given the go-ahead to begin new trials, but when Sofita Kul demanded to be implanted with the spheres, CM Dag refused (if Sofita died, the Primary would lost her only living genetic-heir). Uym implanted Kul against Dag’s orders, and in Yulitat (December) of 2213, Kul successfully ignited, and sustained, the Femitokon Shell.

At the start of 2215, Sofita Kul was involved in an advancement dispute when the Primary refused her the proper rank of Donmat, citing the Femitokon Shell being the true earner of the rank and not its host. To accommodate the conditions of Kul’s continuance in World Oceans, the Shell was ordered removed by Marixi Administration, so that Kul, a natural-born Hizak, could undergo proper Marixi training and trials, and acquire rank in the proper fashion. Fyla Uym regrettably removed the spheres, and after Kul fulfilled her obligation to the First Office and the Primary, Fyla Uym replanted the spheres into Kul with operative success, in 2223.

In 2225, another custodial issue emerged after ranking Komadon Sofita Kul refused a direct order my Fifth Office, Wox Dag, to hunt down males hiding in the citizenry. Citing insubordination, Dag demanded the spheres be removed from Kul. Fyla Uym and Division Primepromad Tyle Hibz, challenged Dag’s jurisdiction by threatening to file a dispute with the Sernatae. Dag withdrew her petition, determined to keep Femtrux out of the Femitokon Division’s activities. Ultimately, Kul’s operative fate lay in the hands of World Oceans Prime Chair, Uli Zag. Zag stated that Kul’s place remained in the Femitokon Division, due to the nature of the technology housed within her. Zag ordered that Kul’s mission parameters be ‘exclusive to assignment between the poles‘ where hybrids were rumored to be living. (Hybrid males were a result of escaped Femarctic Males breeding with helovx women – there are no known hybrid females).