Isolation is a form of physical and social separation imposed upon citizens that violate laws set down by the Ramaxi P’uxial (primary citizenry-law).

The accused (the most common crime being murder or the unintended taking of life while committing another crime) is brought before the Guardia Committee to stand trial. If found guilty, she is sentenced to an isolation-station for the rest of her natural life. A citizen has the right to self-terminate (depending on the offense, self-recycle is allowed), but if her crime is severe, her genes do not have the luxury of salvage.

Ramaxia’s chief isolation-station, ISO-Main.

Erected on the northern polar seabed, ISO contains three-hundred compartments, all measuring a hundred square feet. Each cell includes a toilet, a shower, a sustenance unit, and a single hibernation mat. No hive exists there, and no contact occurs between prisoners, or with their Marixi guards. Those sentenced to ISO live the rest of their natural lives not only in isolation but cut off from all things Femarctic.

In the era of the Second, Fifth, and Sixth Gens, there were no citizens assigned to ISO-Main, due to the willingness of those convicted to self-terminate; in the era of the Ninth, this changed. There is currently twenty-three prisoners in ISO-Main; only three are Tenth Gen.

A transitional ISO exists on the floor of the Vostulak. It is a temporary station for those furloughing to ISO-Main, or convicted scheduled for termination post-trial.