Guardia Committee

The Guardia Committee are a select group of educated P’uxial Advocates that decide pardons or punishments of citizens in violation of the P’uxialiat. Each prime dome holds it’s own Committee with each member convening on a case by case basis in Hearing Halls that are open a full 22-hours a day, on the five official days Ramaxia considers the work week. No cases are tried during hibernation. Legal disputes between the collected citizenry of select domes and the Ruling Platform of Ramaxia are decided by the highest court, the Ramax Guardia.  

To serve as a Serntaxa (Presiding Advocate), one must first operate for ten years as an advocate, either working for the Dome P’uxialiat as a prosecutor or in the service of the Citizenry P’uxialiat as a defender. A decade of service is the minimum requirement as one cannot be considered for the Guardia Committee unless she is a Prime Doctorate holder in P’uxial Law and Ramaxian Governance.

Serntaxa of the Guardia Committee answer to the Sernatae of Ramaxia.

Guardia Committee Hearing Halls

  • Dome Utama GC
    • 11 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Toxis Prime GC
    • 23 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Vanda Prime GC
    • 27 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Pikalit Prime GC
    • 25 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Mynu Administrative GC
    • 5 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Orta Main GC
    • 7 Serntaxa Presiding