Guardia Committee

The Guardia Committee are a select group of educated P’uxial Advocates that decide pardons or punishments of an individual citizen* in violation of the P’uxialiat.

Each prime dome contains it’s own Committee with members convening to hear cases in Hearing Halls that operate a full 22-hours a day curing the five day work week. No case is tried during a hibernation month.

Legal disputes between the citizenry of select domes and the Ruling Platform of Ramaxia are decided by the highest court, the Ramax Guardia.  

To serve as a Serntaxa* (Presiding Advocate), one must first operate for ten years as an advocate, either as a prosecutor in a Dome P’uxialiat or in the service of the Citizenry P’uxialiat as a defender. A decade of service is the minimum requirement as one cannot be considered for the Guardia Committee unless she holds a Prime Doctorate in P’uxial Law and Ramaxian Governance.

Serntaxa of the Guardia Committee answer only to the Sernatae of Ramaxia.

Gardaxa C’uxial | Guardia Committee Hearing Halls

  • Dome Utama GC
    • 11 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Toxis Prime GC
    • 23 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Vanda Prime GC
    • 27 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Pikalit Prime GC
    • 25 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Mynu Administrative GC
    • 5 Serntaxa Presiding
  • Orta Main GC
    • 7 Serntaxa Presiding