Citizens Guard

The Citizens Guard is empowered to enforce the Ramaxi P’uxial, protect property, and reduce civil disorder; their powers include the legitimized use of force, citizenry-related investigatory authority, and the collection and processing of criminals. The Cit-Guard (or Guardia) comprises of Marixi born capable of altruism; they are a revered organization separate from armed forces, and though they consider the Primary their prime-commander, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Guardia Committee. The Cit-Guard formed during the era of the Second Gen when rising incidents of crime and other legal matters needed a less militaristic handling.

Guardia live and serve visibly in the Citizenry, as they patrol and respond to incidents and emergencies. Guardia training takes place at the Guardia Training Center, in Orta. Young Marixi born with Ilitux do not display signs of the condition until they’re 13 years of age; when diagnosed, they are separated from Fleet and placed into a Gardul Battalion. As Gardbats, they are physically trained to handle civilian unrest, and to deal with Marixi combatant’s; they’re also taught to use civilian grade weapons. Gardbats end their time at the GTC with an Exit-Trial. The Exit-Trial is a response and acuity test, to determine behavior, eligibility, and performance, in the field. Those nominated by their Battalion’s Prime Podas for performance above and beyond, are sent to Mynu for an education in investigations and military law.

Mynu educated candidates go on to serve the Axyrn Division.

Citizens Guard
(Helovx Law Enforcement/Emergency Services)

  • Podmat (Trooper First Class/Rescue Guard First Class)
  • Podkom (Police Sergeant/Master Sergeant)
  • Podkomad (Detective/Investigator)
  • Podpromad (Captain/Battalion Chief)
  • Prime Podas (Colonel/Commissioner)
    • Ixo Gizul (10th Gen)
  • Guardia Prime – the Sernatae
    • Yir Gizul (9th Gen)
  • Primary
    • Fusa Kul (9th Gen)

There are approximately 500 Marixi stationed in various Guardia-Battalions throughout Ramaxia.

  • Vanda Prime Station
    • Vanda Prime Terminal
      • Bluzsh Quarter
    • Outer Dome Estate District
    • Central Transport Sector
    • Residential District
    • Ramax District
  • North Vanda
    • Terminal Tiskol
    • Residential District
  • Central Vanda
    • Residential District
  • Toxis Prime
    • Kyrtabi Station
    • Kulasook Station
    • Toxis Square
    • Prime Lab Sector
  • West Toxis
    • Estate District Prime
    • Estate District Secondary
    • Residential District
  • East Toxis
    • Bluzsh District North
    • Bluzsh District South
  • Pikalit Prime
    • Pikalox Grand Terminal
    • Residential District Prime | Secondary
    • Estate District
    • Triad Entertainment District
  • Northeast Pikalit
    • Dirtoxian Plateau Launch Center
    • Diamond Exchange District
    • Mining Access Sectors I – II – III
    • Tharspaxi Processing District
  • Greater Pikalit
    • Pika’takal Shores | Pika’takal Ponds
    • Foodaxi Processing District
    • Pikalox Plains
    • Market Exchange Sector
  • Utama
    • Jyrtax Terminal
    • Axyrn Liason Offices – Cloister
    • Utamx Shores
    • Estate District
    • Residential District
  • Mynu
    • Orta Command Liaison Office
    • Mynu Security Center