Axyrn Division

The Axyrn (acks-urn) Division is an internal division of law-enforcement staffed by Orta operativeswith jurisdiction over citizens considered outside the normal scope of the Citizen’s Guard. Under the administrative control of the Sernatae, the Axyrn handles crimes and incidents involving Citizenry Representatives, members of the Ruling Platform (including the Primary), high ranking officers and national administrators, and members of the Guardia Committee. In the era of the Tenth Gen, the Axyrn came to oversee the collection and investigation of incidents involving citizens of wealth; no citizen is immune from investigation by the Axyrn.

*Non-investigatory officers serve as Cloister-Guard at the disposal of the Sernatae-Second; the remaining are case agents and operations analysts.

Axyrn Division
(Helovx Law Enforcement/Emergency Services)

  • Podmat (Field Agent)
  • Podkom (Prime Field Agent)
  • Podkomad (Service Agent)
  • Podpromad (Prime Service Superior)
  • Prime Podas (Prime Commissioner)
    • Ixo Gizul (10th Gen)
  • Guardia Prime – the Sernatae
    • Yir Gizul (9th Gen)
  • Primary
    • Fusa Kul (9th Gen)