The Sernatae (sern-at-eye) is the presiding office of the Cloister and it holds administrative jurisdiction over the Axyrn Division. A Serntaxa ensures that every member of the Cloister is allowed to speak and vote on motions put forth by either side. She promotes civility and fairness but remains neutral. She guarantees the privilege of the majority and protects the rights of the minority.

The Office of the Sernatae is chosen from the select administrative heads of Mynu and Orta. There has never been a Serntaxa that wasn’t Hizak; the first Serntaxa to operate before the Articles of Citizenry, was original subject, Fusofitakil. The current Office of the Sernatae is held by Serntaxa Yir Gizul, an Hizak citizen of the Ninth Gen.

Serntaxa Ramaxi

  • Fusofitakil (2029-2047)
    • Second: Sofitauym
  • Sofitauym (2047-2089)
    • Prime of Mynu Administration –  Bulata Kul
  • Bulata Kul (2190-2152)
    • Prime of Marixi Administration – Yax Gizul.
  • Yax Gizul (2152-2182)
    • Prime of Mynu Administration – Yir Gizul
  • Yir Gizul (2183-Present)
    • Prime of Mynu Administration: Sofita Kul
    • Prime of Marixi Administration: Ixo Gizul
      • Prime of Mynu Administration: Ixo Gizul