Jyr Hive Mandate of 2225

Since the start of her tenure as the Fourth Office, Tee Banto has targeted anyone portraying or painting the Ruling Gen in an unfavorable light via broadcast news, digital media, and other traditional outlets. Offenders are subject to fine, loss of vocation, and in extreme cases, Isolation. When Tenth Gen politicians acquired an equal amount of seats in the Chamber, laws were enacted to protect citizenry freedoms on the interHive that had disappeared in all other forms of citizenry media controlled by the Fourth Office of the Committee.

In 2220, when CM Banto introduced legislation to criminalize the uploading of cloisaxigolic hive-bands detrimental to individual members of a Ruling Gen, the motion was challenged by newly elected Tenth Gen representatives Yegi Das, Pel Jyr, Cruzo Tegal, and Qul Grik. After a stalemate in the Cloister, Eppis Banto, put forth an amended version of legislation written by former CR Laxum Jyr (authored in 2211 when Tee Banto enacted many of her original bans in traditional media) that stated the Fourth Office could continue to flag all media-born cloisaxigol it felt harmed the citizenry’s relationship with its Ruling Gen, but any opinions posted to the interHive about anyone in power, must remain off-limits. The original (yet defeated) Jyr Expressive Mandate of 2211 had called for the Fourth Office to cease using her position to silence the Ramaxian Media and Digicast Community. Eppis Banto amended Jyr’s original legislation to create the Jyr Hive Mandate of 2225) applying those core protections to all forms of citizenry expression on the interHive.

The passing of the Jyr Hive Mandate inadvertently created a cloisaxigolic culture among users of the Eleventh Gen that is highly critical, satirical, and comedic. Infamous cases involving the Fourth Office after the passing of the Jyr Hive Mandate are:

[1] The Ice Flow is an online social networking service where any citizen can post and interact with messages. Citizenry Representatives have accounts on the Flow to garnish feedback from their constituents; due to the Flow’s allowance of flow-handles, some citizens engage in abusive behavior that the Flow removes if it violates their interaction-policy.

In 2227, the Tenth Gen administrators of the Flow were brought before the Fourth Office after a flow-shard called #CLASPRKILLER gained prominence with its detailed mocking of the mental state of CM5 Wox Dag. Tee Banto demanded a list of all the users posting in the thread and when the administrators refused, Banto ordered them collected by the Citizen’s Guard. The Office of the Sernatae intervened when the Guardia Committee’s highest court (the Cloisters Ramax Guardia) cited that the Flow fell under the protection of the Hive Mandate. Tee Banto had ignored their ruling and ordered a collection warrant for the pair of Tenth Gen. The Sernatae reprimanded the Fourth Office for citizenry-overreach and ruled that the owners of the Ice Flow are not accountable for the opinions (no matter how rude or unsavory) of the citizenry.

[2] The Subolax Garden is a discussion website exclusive to Subaki. Subak users submit text posts, images, or direct links, and then discuss them openly for even non-Subaki to read. In the era of the Tenth Gen, the SubGard featured mostly pod-oriented, vocational, or real life satirical posts. After 2226 the Eleventh Gen came to dominate the site, and posts about sexcaste-centric discrimination, rape-culture, and outright mockery of those in positions of power, became the norm.

In 2228 a post entitled FREE CRIXAL DOX questioned why a citizen as lovely as the Tenth-Gen Dox would bond to an elder like Ninth-Gen Lekada Wram, the Second Office of Ramaxia. The post was highly sarcastic; one notable sentiment decried that Dox’ past sexual exploits did not warrant issuing a death sentence to her gash by serving it up to elder Wram. The post garnished over eight hundred comments from Subak all over Ramaxia. Many Ninth Gen commentators called out Wram as a monster that forced her first bond-partner, a Subak, to deliver a donation. Tenth Gen posters resurrected rumors that Dox produced without Wram’s permission and lost her makodux to Wram’s anger. The Eleventh Gen comments contained derisive artwork and degrading opinions of Lekada Wram. While none of the comments misaligned Lekada’s Tenth-Gen donation, Velto Wram, one did suggest that Lekada Wram’s deceased Subak partner never killed herself but was in fact, Velto Wram.

SubGard custodians closed the comment thread after the Fourth Officer, Tee Banto, entered the thread using her Primada access to the interHive. Tee Banto derided the Subaki of the Eleventh, calling them the worst in Femarctic history (her articulate speech denoting the youthful caste as foul-minded led to the popular flow-shard #FOULMINDED on the Ice Flow). Tee Banto demanded the post’s removal and after its removal, she demanded the name of the original poster and all the commenters.

The case went before the Ramax Guardia in the Cloister, where it was decided that the Tenth Gen Subaki that ran the sight weren’t liable under the Jyr Hive Mandate, for posts made by their citizenry users. The custodians agreed to take the thread down and and even issued an apology to CM2 Lekada Wram, but because they refused Banto’s request for specifics, Banto seized their vocational-licenses. The Sernatae stepped in after an official complaint by the Prime of Subaki Services (her own donation) and decreed that no further action needed to be instituted beyond what was ordered by the Ramax Guardia. Tee Banto was officially cited for citizenry-overreach. Copies of the post and its comments remain shared on the interHive despite its removal from the site, and the SubGard has since altered its posting guidelines.

[3] The Digger Hole is a Bizak-centric imageboard site notorious for allowing Bizak to post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest. The Dig contains dozens of boards with specific content, and registration is not possible except through its Tenth-Gen administrators. The Dig is considered responsible for the culture of interHive image sharing, but shares are infamous for their poor taste and pornographic subject matter. In the era of the Eleventh Gen, the Dig has become renowned for its Bizak user’s bullish behavior, and their bitter mockery of the Ninth Ruling Gen.

Warnings prevail of First Office Ryo Uym’s predatory sexual tastes in Bizaki; Primary Fusa Kul is cited as being a cannibal that dines on the flesh of Zaxiri, while Wox Dag is a bizrudapic bizhiz that collects real male claspers and uses them to fill her backswell-implants. The Sernatae, Yir Gizul, is mocked for her choice of hairstyles, some so grand they’re illustrated as having blocked the Suv and set off planetary glaciation. An immensely popular serial strip (Kadadoe!) depicts Lekada Wram as an ill-tempered donat that dismembers and destroys her helovx-doll playsets, and is insanely jealous of her better looking and more intelligent Bizak “sib” Velto Wram. Kadadoe’s gorgeous Zaxiri mako (bond partner Crixal Dox) is depicted as a scantily clad belly that tries to keep Kadadoe out of trouble.

In contrast, Bizaki users are overtly fond of Third Office member Rasa Jyr. Dig users post freezes, art, and comments that paint Jyr in a mythical light, having performed absurdly heroic feats and being endowed with over the top characteristics. Rasa Jyr is said to have discovered Tharso, graduated as the Primary of Mynu, invented the burxol, and her girsuzsch is a registered weapon, like Sky Sister. Jyr is said to have created by Femtrux, and thus the Collective came from Jyr’s brain matter; Laxum Jyr is actually Rasa in walking avatar form, and artifacts found on Ramarixicon exist in the image of Rasa Jyr’s face.

The vilest commentary is aimed exclusively at Tee Banto. The Dig’s anti-Banto bias is so vast that the Sernatae sided with the Fourth Office in demanding the removal of a significant portion of art depicting Tee Banto in embarrassing, sexual, physical, and satirical situations. One notable incident occurred in 2226 after a user uploaded a freeze of Tenth Gen Subak Ozbi Tis on the deck of the Lulab Garden Club in Vanda. Tis wore only an undersuit revealing the cleavage of her girsuzsch, and a caption on the image said: We All Want to be Eppis Banto’s Face Tonight. A user reputed to be Fezil Banto replied in a comment: that’s my mako you artery-rides! Here, you deserve this– then depicted a freeze of Tee Banto, leaning over in a pool robe and exposing her frontals. The image set off a chain of abusive comments feigning social victimization and sudden blindness, along with a host of image-replies featuring vomit on bivels, food plates, and bapburg shoes. Despite the threat of censure from the Sernatae, disparaging images and casts if Tee Banto continue to be uploaded and shared on the Dig.