Cloisaxigol (ˈklois’aks-ee-goll) is criticism unique to Cloister politics, including policies, Representatives, the Sernatae, and Ruling Gens past and present.

Cloisaxigolic media began during the Sixth Ramaxian Gen era, as this gen and their elders in the Fifth often traded varying degrees of opinion toward the other’s policies. It remained isolated in fringe literatureart, and casted-programming, until the Ninth’s maturity when cloisaxigol graduated into the realm of the mainstream.

Cloisaxigolic discourse among the Tenth became severely limited after the ascendancy of the Ninth. As Fourth Office of the Committee, Tee Banto, and the Ninth-dominated Cloister, voted to allow the Fourth Office permission to limit funds to outlets critical of the Ruling Gen. CM Banto also pushed through legislation giving her office full control of all content broadcasted by the Bizaki Entertainment Bureau.

After Femtrux’ primary evolution produced Intragux, political criticism extended beyond traditional media to any citizen with access to the interHive. When CM Banto sent technicians to enter code into the interHive mainframe that would flag cloisaxigolic subjects, the paxul’max assigned to Intragux refused them entry. Intragux then removed all Primada interfaces that might enable such actions without the use of her handlers.