Ramaxian Cloister

The Cloister, built in the center-point of dome Utama, is the seat of the Cloisax`Ramax. There are 25-levels in the Cloister building, with twenty-one levels serving the legislature, and four sub-levels that contain the Sernatae’s housing and hibernation space.

It is a rydokular structure with a hollow center, giving every level a centralized open air space; one can stand in the lobby and spot the dirtoxian-glass rotunda of the Session Hall, 21 levels up on the crown. The Session Hall floor is comprised of red and black quartz cut from the Turkol Mountains, and it contains polar concrete sculptures of the original subjects that served there. The glass dome lets in light during the polar day. Within its pinnacle is the digicaxi-obs launch: a compartment for housing the observational spheres that record all sessions for later broadcast* to the citizenry.

*Once, all Cloister Sessions were broadcasted live, until the ascendance of the Ninth Gen; now only the Third Cloister Session appears in real-time.

Members of the Chamber sit on the southern side, with an elevated deck that holds a biveltop desk and two chairs. Thirteen feet above the Chamber on the northern side of the Hall are two semi-circle balconies, the first of which contains the Committee of Five and their biveltop’s and chairs. The Third and Fifth Offices are opposite one another on the outermost seats, while the Second and Fourth are in the inner spaces, flanking the First Office. Above the First Office’s position is the Primary Deck, housing the highest seat in the room.


Centering the Session Hall between the Citizenry-Chamber and the Ruling Platform is a thin runway that spans the room’s width; this is the Sernatae Yard. Here, the Sernatae stands the entire session at what is called ‘the Podium.’ On the other side of the deck sits the Sernatae Second, the official administrator of the Sernatae and commander of the Axyrn stationed throughout the Hall.

Lower booth-seating, reserved for citizenry visitors, houses two hover-platforms called ‘Floats.’ These disks levitate visiting speakers to a place between the Ruling Platform and the Citizenry-Chamber; they are also used by Representatives wishing to address the Hall formally. During less formal procedures, Citizenry-Representatives need only press the Sernatae-Call Button at their station to be called upon to speak; one does not speak without permission from the Sernatae.

The remaining levels are for those conducting business within the Cloister:

Level 20 holds the Cloister offices of the Primary.
Level 19, the Cloister offices of the CM1
Level 18, the Cloister offices of the CM2
Level 17, the Cloister offices of the CM3
Level 16, the Cloister offices of the CM4
Level 15, the Cloister offices of the CM5
Levels 14 and 13 contain the Courts of the Ramax Guardia
Levels 12 and 11 belong to the Axyrn Division
Level 10, the Cloister offices of the Utama
Level 9, the Cloister offices of Vanda Prime
Level 8, the Cloister offices of North & Central Vanda
Level 7, the Cloister offices of Toxis Prime
Level 6, the Cloister offices of West & East Toxis
Level 5, the Cloister offices of Pikalit Prime
Level 4, the Cloister offices of Northeast & Greater Pikalit
Level 3, the Cloister offices of the Secondary Sernatae
Level 2, the Cloister offices of the Sernatae
Level 1 (street level) is the Cloister Interaction Office and Prime Lobby
Sub-level 1, houses the Intermediary Barracks of the Sernatae Guard
Sub-level 2, contains the Sernatae Social Meeting Rooms
Sub-level 3, contains Sernatae and her pod’s Residence
Sub-level 4, the paxicol of the Sernatae