The Primary is a symbol of unity between Ramaxian World Oceans and the Cloisax`Ramax. The Primary’s power rests in complete control of the armed forces; the Prime-Chair of World Oceans is the principal military adviser to the Primary, and controls the operational functions of Orta, in times of peace. Tasked with protecting the homeland, and the safety of the Citizenry, the Primary is considered the chief law enforcement officer of Ramaxia. The Primary rules with a Committee of Five; she does not officially interact with legislative leaders outside the Cloister; she speaks and acts through the First Office of the Committee.

A succession to Primaryship is hereditary. Since the first primaryship of original subject Femitokonevery Primary of Ramaxia has been a Marix; this is because the qualifications for the position of Primary require a genetic heir with an active World Oceans service ranking.

The current Primary of Ramaxia is Fusa Kul of the Ninth Ramaxian Gen. Kul’s rule promotes militarism (due to the Ninth’s high number of Marixi). Her administration is broadly conservative and anti-helovx; these ideas dominate national policy making in areas such as social welfare, national defense, civil authority, and most notable, relations with helovx-nations.

Notable Primaries

Primary Yam Kul: As Primary of the Second Ramaxian Gen, Yam took on the Femaki’xirpaxul, and oversaw her dismantling. Yam Kul’s administration (two of whom were her bond partners) is known for its research missions into the post-cataclysmic surface lands; they harvested seeds, engineered native animals, laid the groundwork for cultural media, tech, and other advancements.

Primary Pitana Kul: Considered the greatest Primary of all time, this Fifth Generation leader oversaw the development the West Islands, and the Vosk Glacial Fairgrounds. Pitana Kul was instrumental in the building of stylized living and training centers for the Marixi. Credited as the architect of Ramaxian Transit, her administration is best known for allowing popular culture to develop, for colonizing Tharso, and engaging in diplomatic outreach to the helovx.

Primary Ixo Kul: the Third donation of Pitana Kul, Ixo is infamous for ruling under Ramaxia’s worst political and social climate. Primary of the Sixth-Gen, Ixo, and her Committee, contended with the Free-Birth Era and set off the Patch Wars that led to her temporary removal from power by Femtrux. Ixo was the first Primary to institute male-collections and the first to face challenges to her authority in the Cloister. Ixo died negotiating an end to the Yulitat Coup.

Primary Fusa Kul is the current Primary of Ramaxia, and before ascending to rule, was responsible for the destruction of all helovx residing in continental Australia. To counter the breeding issues brought on by the Free-Birth Era, she and her Committee altered the Articles of Citizenry to extend their term as Ruling Gen from the traditional 25 years, to 45 years. Fusa and her Committee enacted the Balanced Citizenry Act, and when her administration halted their donations in the Tenth from producing and Eleventh, they set off the Sister Suicides.