Citizenry Representative

A Citizenry Representative is an educated administrator, (typically Hizaki) chosen by the Citizenry for position in the Citizenry Chamber, where each represents their perspective domes to Ruling Platform, in the Cloister.

Candidates for Citizenry Representative are often from the pods of the current Committee, historically relevant Lines, or Clans of financial, technological, or political importance. To be eligible to run for election to Citizenry Representative, one must have a degree in Ramaxian Governance, from Mynu.

Members of the Citizenry Chamber (as of 2228):
The current CR Chamber of Ramaxia sustains a generationally-equal Sessional Wall.

  • Eppis Banto (ep-his | ban-tow) – Vanda Prime (10th Gen)
  • Jixa Ru (jiks-ah | roo) – Central Vanda (9th Gen)
  • Qul Grik – (ku-ill | gr-ick) North Vanda (10th Gen)
  • GPD Administrator Riba Wygz (ree-bah | wij-izz) – Toxis Prime (9th Gen)
  • Uwav Grik (oo-have | gr-ick) – East Toxis (9th Gen)
  • Gentix Relo – (jen-tiks | rell-oh) West Toxis (9th Gen)
  • Pel Jyr (p-el| yeer) – Pikalit Prime (10th Gen)
  • Yegi Das (yah-gee| d-oss) – Greater Pikalit (10th Gen)
  • Cruzo Tegal (krew-zoh| tee-g-all) – Northeast Pikalit (10th Gen)
  • Ryl Jyr (r-ill| yeer) – Utama (9th Gen)