TCS Ramaxicol

Ramaxicol is the only remaining Primada-Size Lifeform* left serving in the Polar Fleet branch of Ramaxian World Oceans.

The Ramaxicol’s undersea territory encompasses the Ramaxic`acarol (Arctic Ocean); she is tasked with the protection of the Ramaxatae (Northern Polar Ramaxia), and its structures of ISO Main, and ‘Ramaxatae Holding,’ the oceanic-development center for growing Toxis Class and Arkelon, lifeforms. She is also responsible for the waters of the Grun’atol (Wandel-Greenland Seas), and the Ramax’atol (East Siberian Sea).

Ramaxicol is the assigned carrier of Nautical Pods One and Two, and Sword Pod’s Fitakil and Ubodas. Her commanding officer is Ninth-Generation Primekomad, Dirg R’ylx. Her secondary is Tenth-Generation Promad, Bam Yuxi.

Engineered by the Prime Lab in 2125, her fusion of tharspin enhancements took place in 2142, her maximum length is 360 feet. Assigned to Orta Biologic in 2148, her anatomy and physiology were trained to perform as a Toxis Class Submersible, and in 2182, Ramaxicol’s organic brain was mapped for operative-energy cohesion to the Collective. Ramaxicol was chosen for a commission by hive Pentox, in 2184; her consciousness, “Maxine,” was transferred to her kyrsbrain in 2199.

“Maxine” took on Nautical Pod One, and Striker Pod Fitakil, after the TCS Kasko was euthanized, in 2188.

Ramaxicol Crew and Armament

Nautical Pod One and Two

  • Orta North Barracks 1 & 2
  • 114 Marixi
    • 90 Fleet
    • 24 Officers

Pod Ubodas

  • 12 Swordfighter life-forms
    • 24 Marixi – Polar Air Command

Pod Fitakil

  • 12 Swordfighter life-forms
    • 24 Marixi – Polar Air Command

Defensive Program

  • Interphase-shielding capable of a solidification density of eighteen feet.

Offensive Capabilities

  • 12 Kyrsat-Cannons
    • Maximum range: 350 nautical miles
    • Impact power: 92 kilotons

Nautical Pod Support

  • Permanent Inventory
    • 340 Palm-Blaster Units
    • 160 Collapsible-Body-Armor Pills
    • 160 Pulsar Units
    • 108 Field Surgical Kits
    • 114 Remote Hibernation Packs

Fleet Medical Interface

  • Ramaxicol contains a fully-stocked medical bay with remote connection capability to Mainland-Terminus, and two Remote-Surgical units