TCS Chironex

Chironex is the third Cybaleen lifeform serving in the Polar Fleet branch of Ramaxian World Oceans. Her undersea territory encompasses the waters of the Raxuda`acarol (Pacific Ocean).

Chironex is the assigned carrier of Nautical Pod Three and Sword Pod Buluta. Her commanding officer is Ninth Generation Primekomad Tux Tol, her secondary is Tenth-Generation Promad, Ryoz Julo.

Engineered by the Prime Lab in 2128, her peak length is 180 feet; the fusion of tharspin enhancements took place in 2145. Chironex was assigned to Orta Biologic in 2150, where her anatomy and physiology were trained to perform as a Toxis Class Submersible. In 2182, her organic brain was mapped and her operative energy joined to the Collective. She was chosen for a commission by hive Pentox, in 2184, and her consciousness, named “Cherry,” was transferred to a kyrsbrain in 2199.

Chironex Crew and Armament

Nautical Pod Three

  • Orta North Barracks 3
  • 57 Marixi
    • 45 Fleet
    • 12 Officers

Pod Bulata

  • 6 Swordfighter life-forms
    • 12 Marixi – Polar Air Command

Defensive Program

  • Interphase-shielding capable of a solidification density of eighteen feet.

Offensive Capabilities

  • 8 Kyrsat-Cannons
    • Maximum range: 200 nautical miles
    • Impact power: 80 kilotons.

Nautical Pod Support

  • Permanent Inventory
    • 140 Palm-Blaster Units
    • 80 Collapsible-Body-Armor Pills
    • 80 Pulsar Units
    • 78 Field Surgical Kits
    • 80 Remote Hibernation Packs

Fleet Medical Interface

  • Chironex contains a fully-stocked medical bay with remote connection capability to Mainland-Terminus, and two Remote-Surgical units