PAC Brigitat

Brigitat is the fourth Arkelon Class life form engineered to serve the Polar Air Command branch of Ramaxian World Oceans. She sails the waters of the Eurax`acarol (Mediterranean Ocean); her patrol territories are the helovx-nations of the Slavic Empire and the northern shores of the African Trisect. In times of conflict, she is the surface-detachment for the TCS Orcinus.

Brigitat is the assigned carrier of Aerial Pod Nine and Striker Clutch 4. Her commanding officer is Tenth-Generation Bakiprime, Vaniav G’wo.

Her organics were engineered by the Prime Lab in 2180, and she was fused with 525 feet of tharspin shell, designed by Sixth Gen Hizak Yulat Zag; her bioware was designed Lekada Wram, both of Wram Constructs, in 2185. Brigitat was assigned to Orta Biologic in 2190, where her anatomy and physiology were trained to be an Arkleon Class CarrierIn 2195, Brigitat’s organic brain was mapped and her operative energy connected to the Collective. Her consciousness, named “GiGi”, accepted her kyrsbrain in 2198, and she was chosen for a commission by hive Pentox, that same year.

Brigitat Crew and Armament

Aerial Pod Nine

  • Orta North Barracks 9
  • 32 Marixi/5 Hizaki
    • 32 Fleet
    • 5 Fleet-Civilians

Striker Clutch 4

  • 5 Delphic Striker life-forms
    • 15 Marixi – Polar Air Command
    • 10 Bizaki – Orta Biologic

Defensive Program

  • Interphase-shielding capable of a solidification density of eight feet.
  • 4 Kyrsat Revolver Cannons
    • 8.5-megawatt pulse
    • Maximum Range: 700 miles.

 Offensive Capabilities

  • 5 Delphic Strikers
    • Symbiotic Crew: 1
    • Handlers per Delphic: 2
    • Length: 112 ft 5 in
    • Wingspan: 60 ft 5 in
    • Height: 20 ft 6 in
    • Empty weight: 54,000lb
    • Loaded weight: 127,000 lb
    • Payload capabilities (single use):
      • MagIo Clusters (dual-pack yield)
      • Tharspin Dissolvers (13 rotting agent-spheres)
      • Kyrs-Gas Igniters (17 depth charges)
      • Plasma-Saline Burners (two long-sear soil planters)
    • Takeoff weight: 152,000 lb
    • KyrsCore Controls:
      • Delphic-sphere continuous-bleed afterburning turbojets
      • Direct Energy Weapon Turrets
    • Maximum speed: Mach 5.8
    • Range: 5,000 nmi
    • Ferry range: 4,200 nmi
    • Service Ceiling: 97,000 ft

Nautical Pod Support

  • Permanent Inventory
    • 140 Palm-Blaster Units
    • 75 Collapsible-Body-Armor Pills
    • 75 Pulsar Units
    • 75 Field Surgical Kits
    • 75 Remote Hibernation Packs

Fleet Medical Interface

  • Brigitat contains a fully-stocked triage ready medical bay.
  • Delphic Striker Bay has remote connection to MT via Orta Biologic