The Citizenry itself refers to the Femmar of Ramaxia, and “Citizen” is a form of address among femmar, used indiscriminately in the same way honorifics are employed by the helovx. The official word ‘Citizenry,’ applies to the civic, legal, legislative, and military, of Ramaxia.

The Ramaxi L’uxial are tenants of behavior handed down from the Femati, and followed by the citizenry out of conscience; some are so ingrained they’ve become official law.

  • One: We will never, with or without intent, take the life of our own.
  • Two: We will not take from our own, that which is not offered.
  • Three: We will all partake in the production of our own.
  • Four: The lives of our donations must be protected, above our own.
  • Five: We will never feed upon our own.
  • Six: No higher being, seen or unseen, exists that creates, controls, or destroys, our own.