Tactical Pursuits Release Update

The novella Suffocation is on track to debut through Kindle Unlimited during Hanukah, but I’ve been unable to put a dent in the proposed revisions for Tactical Pursuits – this means I cannot release Tactical in December 2020.

Tactical Pursuits

Since joining the writers room at work, I’ve reduced the hours dedicated to crafting new episodes & editing previously released drafts. Please know that this series is MY LIFE and I will finish it, but I’ve got other writing responsibilities that supersede Femitokon, which at best is a true vanity project.

What does that mean for serial updates?

You’ve been awaiting Episode 14 (conclusion to the Rakan arc) for over a year, and I’m so sorry for that. The first draft is written but remains un-posted due to a restructure of my serial goals – as evidenced in the removal of Episodes 4-13 at Femitokon.online.

Femitokon remains a serial, this hasn’t changed – what has changed is the retail release of collected episodes; this requires hiring an independent editor, and then implementing what that editor suggests to make the work worth the money to read. A good portion of you are still with me despite these changes. Please know that I greatly appreciate your support! Others have unsubscribed from updates and prefer reading first-draft episodes for free – and that’s okay, I totally get it. Remember, communication is key and my anonymous Curious Cat for this series is always open!

Episode updates will resume after the release of Tactical Pursuits (TBD). I’m sorry for the lack of a definitive date. On the flip side, I cannot wait for the Kindle Unlimited release of Suffocation (the feedback from early readers is nothing short of awesome, thank you!).

Future updates will be posted at Twitter.

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