Primary State of Address

Hey readers, it’s time for a 2020 update.

Episodes 4 – 8 are down because final edits are in the hands of a pro now and should be coming back for a final polish before the novel release on May 5! We’re keeping the awesome cover art from Daniel Hurtado and are currently in talks with formulating a wider audience via Amazon.


I’m stoked at the anon and signed feedback I’ve received for the firsts drafts. Also, since returning to twitter in the serial-capacity, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the writing community there. Sadly, I had to stop following people back because my lizard brain is getting overwhelmed with all the input.

I’m not writing any more new episodes until third-draft revisions are completed for episodes 9 through 13 (the Tribal Warfare/Rakan arcs). Burn out is killer, and returning to fanfiction at the end of last year truly helped keep me sane – but I’m back – and so is the drama of Ramaxia.

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