Series Update: Rakan and Upcoming

If you recently dropped your subscription at, I understand.

The next episode was due mid-November with an update on the first. I’ve been writing in fandom lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from crafting the closing installment of the Rakan Arc. I haven’t focused on writing Episode Fourteen because the production schedule at work that would’ve ended last month, is ending this month. All production ends for our current season before the Thanksgiving holiday – BUT – January is when I will return to writing Femitokon.

I know that’s a long time.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been crafting and writing Femitokon for more than ten years; the series bible alone took a large chunk of my creative juice when I was writing comics for publishers in the mid-2000’s. I began crafting actual installments in 2014 (rewriting what I lost to a computer mishap a few years later!). I released two episodes per month when the series debuted in 2018. Then I took it down to once a month. Eventually, I published once a quarter, and even then, it was third draft level manuscripts that weren’t reflective of my best work so I made them free to read.

I’ve written over 300k words of prose (outside the constantly growing series bible), and frankly, I burned myself out. That’s not cool. I believe in Sofita Kul, and Femitokon means so much to me, but I must step away from it to salvage my muse.

It doesn’t matter that my episodes are all outlined, and I know what’s supposed to happen to reach the end goal of the series narrative. I found myself going through the motions of just telling a story without putting any emotion into it, or investing in character development. Fanfiction remains a means for me to keep writing because it’s a compulsion and I can’t stop; but when it comes to writing my original characters, I need to bring my A game. I care about these characters and I want you the reader to care about them too. I can’t expect you do to that if the prose is so thread-bare it’s lighter than the lightest Light Novel.

What is on deck? Episodes 4 – 8 are in the hands of a pro editor for a line and copy fix for Spring digital novel release. Thank you, everyone, for purchasing Suffocation and remaining subscribed to

2020 will see new free Episodes and new Novels for sale!

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