Writing Notes II – Cover Design Talk

Episodes 12-13-14 will be collectively called ‘Raken,’ and I’m about to send my idea for the cover to the artist. I got some reader feedback last month that suggested I stop featuring villains on the covers and focus more on Femarctic characters (like Suffocation’s cover).


Templates ensure the artist doesn’t draw cool details in spaces that will be covered by the title and author information text. Be as detailed as possible, this helps the artist better depict your vision.

I design my own covers (I always have–since my comics days). I start with a layout reference for the artist. My pose-dummies are from AonikaArt and the original character designs (also featured at the series bible) are by Amelie Belcher.


If your artist is drawing established characters, remind them of what they look like and what details you want reflected. 9 times out of 10, the artist doesn’t read your work (and that’s okay) and giving them character traits, styles, or specifics from the book is HUGELY helpful. Also, it’s okay if your notes aren’t perfect–they’re artists not editors and so long as you get the point across in a language they speak–commissions are a judgement-free zone.


I give the two images above, along with a stock background (if one is required) and other little references, to the awesome Daniel Hurtado whose manga-style I enjoy as much I do his rates.

FYI – I typically pay $50-$75 for a digital-use only cover (for print can and should cost more). This cover is pretty complicated, so I saved up a little extra cash ($100) because Dan’s going to be drawing bodies, and a very defined background.

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