Due to some issues with converting my old account at Patreon, I’ve had to relaunch under my Circle Gynocrat mantle. This works out better in the long run since I plan to write another series after Femitokon is complete.

Thanks to my Patrons there for migrating to while my Patreon was in limbo. You can remain there if you like or return to Patreon – both sites are updated with new episodes so either way is fine.

At Patreon, I’ve re-posted all of the episode release posts from January to October and deleted the other posts to make it easy for newcomers. I’ve also chosen to price the first three self-contained episodes (Femitokon: Suffocation) at just $2 (the single episode price!) – to introduce new readers to my prose.

As always, the series compendium at is 100% free to read!

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