Femitokon News 10/18

You may have noticed some changes here at Femitokon.com and over at Patreon. Until Patreon can get back to me about converting my account – I encourage all new visitors to FOLLOW this site for updates.

tinamorningI’m feeling an enormous amount of pressure these days and am forced to admit that I can’t come up with readable 20k words a pop every thirty days. Episode 11 did release on time – but I’m ashamed that its not polished enough for my liking. Episode 11 will be the last new episode on a monthly subscription.

Despite countless visitors to the Compendium (at least ten new readers weekly) no one is subscribing to read the episodes. :/ I’m down to four subscribers now, and that’s not enough to maintain ad-free web hosting for the series (or new art for the future episode arcs).

I’ve decided to adjust my writing schedule to one that benefits my mental health and ensures readers get some quality prose.

  • Episodes will release when I’m comfortable with their final edit.
  • No more subscriptions.
  • Interested readers can pay per release.

I want to thank all of those who’ve been here since Episode One, I truly appreciate you, and I hope for your continued support.