Writing Notes – Femitokon

Last month I officially ran out of completed manuscripts. That’s right, I’ve been writing free-form this month, and so far, it’s going smooth.

If you notice a decline in my prose, please know that like Suffocation, the work will eventually get uber-edited to clean up the clunky bits. For now, first-run episodes will be polished to the best of ability in the time allotted.

Obiz Banto’s subplot in Tribal Warfare is how I’m fusing the end-game narrative of ascension into Kul’s latest mission. It feels jarring to insert chapters set in Ramaxia between the action and violence of the current mission – but they will tie together in the final scenes, and I’m hoping it pays off.

I have no artwork done of Obiz Banto (or Ebival Kul and the many others who’ve appeared recently). It bums me out a bit because my background in writing was always tied to visual-arts. I just don’t have the funds right now for those arts – and I’m not really working on trying to market because writing is taking up all my time.

Signal boost please- if you’re reading or if you’ve read, I can use all the subscribers I can to make these arts happen. 🙂 Thanks!

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