Establishing New Release Date!

During the second editorial pass of Episode 10, I found that tightening up Sofita and Fuzo’s story led to expanding the Obiz Banto subplot (we see Eppis and Velto progress through Obiz’ eyes). Concentrating on the mission in the Badlands forced me to shift two critical scenes in the subplot (and add a whole new one) to Episode 11.

I’m pushing back the release of Episode 10 to September 15.

I’ve decided to make the 15th of every month the official release date for all new episodes because the start and end of the month are hectic times for me in my other writing job. I feel like the episodes suffer when I’m forced to rush through my reads and revisions to make that first-week release date. Since there’s only 5 of you reading at this point, I thank you so very much for tolerating this change.

Serial-writing is new to me (as is writing in prose-format) so I appreciate all of you for your patience and your patronage.

You’re going to be alone for a while because I’ve done nothing to get the word out about my series. All the money coming in goes to cover arts and hosting for the compendium. I’m not poor-mouthing, I have a job that pays for life things. I will admit that my ego wasn’t quite prepared for the ZERO reader-interest in my new material. The lack of social-media sharing at places I assumed would be there for me was a shocker. I suppose if it was yaoi/BL and illustrated like my established work, then it might’ve been different.

I’m just not in a promotional mood these days. :/


Perhaps after I write the final episode, if I still have only 5 subscribers, then I’ll get the lead out and pay for some ad placement. Right now, I’m kind of cool with being low-key invisible, this way when I encounter a need to shift new releases to the 15th of every month, no one’s coming for me with torches and pitchforks. 🙂

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