Upcoming Arc: Tribal Warfare


Tribal Warfare is the next arc in Femitokon, and we’re going to meet some new characters. One is the Femarctic male Caro Cristi. He’s been a narrative specter at this point–a Ninth Gen male sought by Fusada when she was still alive. Caro’s many sons are hunted by Sofita and the Femitokon Division.

Caro was the father of Pym Zhang, the Jungwanian geneticist who created our villains in the Suffocation arc. A male Zaxir, Caro’s an overtly sexual being who fathered many hybrid children among the human populace.

Tribal Warfare brings Sofita face to face to Caro, now living as a human man imprisoned by the North American Union. How did Caro become Carl Crystal? I address this in the opener of Tribal Warfare, followed by an entry that introduces the last of Carl’s offspring slaughtering an underground town of scientists and their families.

Fuzo Dox isn’t dead–and I got a couple of emails during Internal Vision’s run in June and July begging me not to kill her and then scolding me for killing Ilo. Sorry for the pain, but the story is what it is. 0_0 

After her experience with the Slavs, and the subsequent brain repair by way of the Orcinus, Fuzo Dox is different, and we’ll see this during what will be her first hybrid termination mission.

Obiz Banto (oldest donation of Eppis Banto) makes her debut and gives us insight into the world of young Ramaxian citizen’s outside the military. Though her we see pod-life, parental expectations, and living within beyond one’s means a heavily subsidized society.

Sofita Kul comes to acquire an unexpected target while hunting Caro’s psychotic hybrid son in the Badlands of the NAU. At mission’s end she encounters someone she thought long dead – it’s going to be a great trio of episodes, and I can’t wait to finish the edits on them.

A few human characters feature in this arc and serve to show the steam/diesel-punk world of North America. Adam Pierce returns this outing, along with Tara Whitley whose brother met an unfortunate end by Sofita’s hand in Suffocation.

Some info on Caro Cristi will become available at the Compendium – I’ll post Caro’s full backstory for my patrons and subscribers as a series-extra in the coming weeks.

I want to thank my 2 patrons at Patreon and my 5 Paypal subscribers for supporting me. You’re paying for cover arts and web hosting right now, and I appreciate the hell out of you – I’m desperate for new patrons but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the ones I have.

Thank you so much!

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