Series Sales Update 2/4/2018

Welcome to the Femitokon Compendium

Starting February 15, 2018 – episodes (CONT)

Starting February 15, 2018 – episodes will be available outside of Patreon in collected formats only.

If you’re reading the series via Amazon, Smashwords, or on your Nook from Barnes and Noble, you’ll get 3 to 4 episodes in one volume to accommodate these outlets lack of affordable serialized fiction access.

I don’t want readers uncomfortable with Patreon forced to pay the $.75 or $.99 fees every time an episode comes out.

Collected volumes allow readers to pay these added fees once. It will still be $2 per episode ($6-$8 for collected volumes); you’ll just be paying for 3 to 4 episodes (typically 60K+ words) all at once.



Do you have a world-building blog, or just dig world building? Got no money to read the episodes but would love to signal boost the series-bible? Help yourself to one the images below with a link-back to and thanks!


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